Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Bald-Faced Hornet - Hedged!

    Hedged (adj.) an artistic adaptation of the realism of a creature (mammal, insect, bird) to the point it is personified and smiles back when looked upon.

   I enjoy capturing the essence of a human or creature in my own style, something that allows the viewer to quickly recognize the person/animal depicted and if done well, causes them to smile too...
   One of my favourite joys while 'hedging' a creature is to see it there on my page just as I'm placing the last few pencil strokes and suddenly a happy greeting escapes me, "Oh, hello!"  It often comes as a surprise to me as though I've walked around a corner and bumped into someone and they seem happy for the occassion... Does that make sense?   One thing I know, if the movie "Miss Potter" is an accurate depiction of  how Beatrix Potter 'interacted' with her created characters, I'm definitely not the first to experience this joy.
    All this to say that drawing the realistic rendering of the bald-faced hornet was tense and I kept at it only because I was determined to truly study it.  What a difference when it came time to begin 'hedging' this hornet - I immediately felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and I began to smile (I simply couldn't help it!) and I kept smiling the whole time I worked away at it!  Talk about inspiring!!  As soon as the face was formed I could see a personality coming into shape.... a conversation was started...  
    I would like you to meet Newt.  She is a sweet l'il bald-faced hornet who dreams of opening her very own Stationery Shop in Elderberry Hedge... She spends her days collecting beautiful fallen leaves, petals, and grasses.  After carefully drying these finds between smooth stones or in bunches hanging in her large treetop home she creatively incorporates them into her homemade paper pulp mixtures and presses them into lovely sheets of paper - perfect for birthday party invitations or notepaper for keeping in touch with a long-distance friend.


♥ Cath-

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