Monday, 8 April 2013

Ceramic Painting - Daffodil

(Pebeo "Porcelaine 150" paints on ceramic)

This is a first attempt at painting with my new "Porcelaine 150" paints by Pebeo... 
... the medium inspired by an ultra-generous birthday gift from my lovely sister...
...the subject was inspired by a potted daffodil I received on my birthday.

I ♥ the mix-ability of the Pebeo paint colours! They even have an appropriate 'open time' 
to allow for some blending directly on the ceramic surface, which is nice - really nice!

This l'il project provided me with a lot of information!  While I enjoyed every moment 
of working with these new paints and I'm happy with the end result, the knowledge gained 
from simply 'doing' has prepared me to move forward and plan my next piece!!


I do love the feeling that comes from stepping through the mental barrier of uncertainty -
by just beginning - jumping in with both feet!  Talk about inspiring!!
I am SO looking forward to my next adventure in painting on ceramics!!


P.S. Looking at the piece now - I'm thinking a little design 
in the corners may not be a unwelcome idea!


Lisa Hains said...



I'd say you're sailing right along with this medium already!!

How fun!!

I can almost catch its fragrance, Cathy!!!


Cath- said...

Thank you so much Lisa!! I still have so much to learn but I look forward to the fun I'll have while learning!
♥ Cath-