Wednesday, 3 July 2013

It's Summer - Perfect Time To Sit Around A Campfire!!

There really is nothing like sitting around a campfire with friends...

    The sound of the popping and crackling wood.... The scent of woodsmoke wafting around and mingling with the cool evening air... the night gets darker but you don't even realize because you're too busy laughing and sharing stories with your friends as you roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the open fire.

    The original idea for this illustration came while visiting with a friend who enjoys campfires as much as I do. When the idea of woodland animals sitting around a campfire was mentioned, I could see the whole scene very clearly and when I returned home I grabbed up my sketchbook to work up this design:

That was almost one year ago...

    Just over a month ago, I was looking over this sketch again and knew it deserved to be worked up in watercolour  so I set to it and I have finally completed it!! Phew!! It was challenging but WOW, did I learn a lot!!

    "Campfire in Acorn Woods"
(watercolour, approx 8x10")

Everyone roasting marshmallows over the open flame, some eating them right out outta the bag, some having trouble getting the sticky confection from the whittled stick into their mouths... but all enjoying the simple contentment that comes with sitting around a campfire with friends.

♥ Cath-


Rachael T said...

Love it! I love campfires too, and many fond memories of mine have happened around a campfire. Though I don't seem to have a lot of them now, I still enjoy them, and sit very close (sometimes almost frighteningly close) to the fire, taking in the whole atmosphere.

LindaG said...
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