Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Woodland Tails: Raccoon

    That "mask"...

    That shiny black marble of a nose...  

    Those dainty li'l feet that allow for scampering and climbing...

    That iconic banded tail so thick and fluffy...

- Woodland Tails - 
(watercolour, approx. 3"x5")

    I've always had mixed feelings towards raccoons... They are beautiful creatures, there's no denying that, but when I see one during the day and it's just sitting in a tree, staring back at me, it's rather unsettling!

    So in my li'l world of creatures the raccoons may sit and stare back at you but you don't need to be fearful nor do you have to wait long for a mischievous grin to break out across their faces and if you time your glance just right you might even catch them laughing at their own joke!!

 - Woodland Tails -
"Laughing Raccoon"
(watercolour, approx. 3"x5")

    Raccoons are very funny! They gather all the best jokes while they sit alongside the creek meticulously washing their food... They wash and scrub and laugh... all through the night! 

"Hey, what do you call a sliced potato in a monastery?"

Ummm... I dunno.

"A chip-monk!!  

    Yep, he's here 'til Tuesday and he recommends you try to the veal!  : )  
Maybe stand-up is in his future but for now he's happy to laughingly adorn 
some of my greeting cards, so smiles can be sent wherever they are needed!
 Here's hoping his smiling face and his li'l joke
have inspired felicity in you!



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brittney brewer said...

I love how happy your characters are