Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Sketchbook Sneek-A-Peek - Fun With Fairy Tales

The sun is shining! The snow is sparkling!
And I'm sketching!!

The only way to get ideas flowing is just to 
sketch the first thing to comes into my head...

Little Red Riding Hood.

Okay, no problem...

Um, wait, is the main character an animal or a human?

Um, what?? C'mon Cath-, for the last several years you've focused on animals, 
of course Little Red will be drawn as an animal!

No, no I don't think so... I think I need to try it both ways...

Umm, alright... let's just see where this goes...

Little Red Riding Hood - Anthropomorphic style:

Little Red, in this case, is a chicken.... a literal chicken.

As I prepared for the my next sketch that would feature a girl in the part of Little Red,
 I read the original Brothers Grimm story to see what this child's attitude was toward the wolf....

This is how she is portrayed in their words:
"Red Riding Hood did not know what a wicked creature he was, and was not at all afraid of him."

So, based on that....

I was already to post these two sketches to my blog when a mischievous spark
got me and I felt like I just had to have some fun with the idea of the
Wolf and Little Red meeting in the woods....

Who knew that Granny had fully recovered days ago and with her being the only veterinarian
in the Wooded Hollow meant Little Red needed to carry her poor skunk with the injured paw
all the way over to Granny's house?  - Not the Wolf, that's for certain!!

Don't mess with Little Red!

And yes, all my heroines are brunette - straight-as-a-pin brunette!!
So which one do you like best?



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