Monday, 9 March 2015

Further Adventures With Ellie

Every time I draw Ellie,  I just think "Spring"!

Emerald blades poking up out of the soft earth...

Flowers unwrapping from their dark bulbous cloaks
and slowly stretching upward after a long Winter nap...

Little animals, full of excitement, playfully prancing everywhere!!

Aww, Spring! What a beloved season of transition!!

- - - - - - -

After introducing Ellie, it was suggested that Ellie should have a friend.

A friend with which to have many adventures!

A friend who, with the help of the field mice (of course!), 
would plan Ellie a big, beautiful birthday party!

A friend who would share in Ellie's love of the outdoors and sunshine!

Ellie has found that friend in AJ!
 ~ Angelina Joyce, to be precise! ~

But everyone just calls her AJ!

Even Angelina, um, I mean AJ, prefers 'AJ' because she is always running
between one fun adventure and another and stopping to say her whooole name
well, that would just take waaaaay too long!

Ellie and AJ love going on outings in the nearby pastures.
They, each in their own way, document their day...
Ellie, usually with pen or brush and AJ just with memory!

For example, Ellie will sit and wait for a butterfly to land on a nearby flowering 
bush and quickly and carefully sketch it and add colours to her drawing before 
it flits away.  Whereas AJ will simply play Follow-the-Leader with a butterfly, 
until one of them runs out of energy - and that's usually the butterfly!!

There are some big celebrations coming up in Elderberry Hedge and the surrounding area!
Springtime is always busy around the Hedge! So many birthday celebrations and parties 
to get everyone out and about and reacquainted after the long winter!

In the Springtime, many of the hibernating animals gather at Town Square 
to hear of all the Winter happenings from the grey squirrels and the Town Crier, 
Baxter, the blue jay - What a ruckus! All that chattering and calling! 
Some have learned that they can simply stay in the comfort of their own home
 and still hear the highlights that boisterous bird recites!

Well, there are puddles to be jumped in (or over) and many things to do!

So stay tuned for splashes of colour and celebratory scenes 
from around the Hedge in the coming weeks!

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