Monday, 22 June 2015

The Adventures in Woodcarving Continue: Miss Penelope

 The Spring session of woodcarving with 
my Uncle Mike is about to come to a close...

This is the third year I've been carving with Uncle Mike...
(Some of my first carvings can been seen here)
It's always fun - especially when I have no idea what to carve!

A couple of months ago Uncle Mike handed me 
an off cut (excess wood cut off from the block when 
cutting out a shape) and said, 'Look at it until you see 
one of your characters in it, then carve it.'

"Sure, okay! Yah, I can do that!"
"Ummm, okay... let's see here...."
"Hmmmm..... "

[25 minutes elapse]

Uncle Mike: Why aren't you carving yet?
Me: I don't know what to carve - I don't see anything!

Uncle Mike relieved me of my quandary when
he suggested a character with a big sun hat... 

That could work! The odd shape of the off cut certainly 
would allow for it! - Okay, where's my sketchbook?

That was how it started and this is how it finished up:

Meet Miss Penelope!
Miss Penelope is just on her way to market after gathering 
a pail full of flowers in the nearby meadows...  

"Miss Penelope"
(hand carved, basswood, approx. 7" tall)  

Uncle Mike helped me a lot with this piece!

- Did you notice how I italicized, bolded and underlined that?? -

Oh yes, I needed a lot of help! 
There were a lot of tight spots and angles I couldn't get quite right -
have I mentioned before how nice and patient my Uncle is?

He also thought to use an old wooden thread spool for Penelope's pail!
I'm glad he helped me find Penelope in that block of wood! 
She turned out really sweet!
If you happen to see Penelope's booth at a local market
this Summer, be sure to stop and say, "Hello!"


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