Saturday, 7 July 2012

Drawing in the Shade

"Drawing in the Shade" 
(watercolour, 4x4", cropped detail)

    We don't have central-air in our house and this last week has made us all feel slug-like in our thoughts and activities... We have traveled to area malls to enjoy an hour of air-conditioning and tried to stay still for long periods of time so as not to be in a constant state of "sweat".
    Above is a portion of a watercolour doodle I made while still in the mode of thinking cooling thoughts (see also: "Meeting in the Middle") and had the energy to sit at my art table without risk of sweat droplets falling on my painting! :)
    Sitting under a big shade tree where the air is clear and light, the sun is warm but the temperature under the thick foliage is several degrees cooler than in direct sun... Perfect atmosphere for inspiring thoughts!  
   I don't know if I like the complete doodle... actually I know I don't prefer it - yet.  Looking at it now I know I need to put more into it... more options for the bunny to have chosen from... why did he choose to lean up against the knobbly bark of the big tree when there was a beautiful l'il settee full of plump cushions just over there?  These are the kind of after-thoughts I have had... so this is only a doodle and one day soon I will create a more complete story picture showing more details....  Here is the complete drawing so you can see what I mean:

    The hint of a setteee just over by the climbing rose would be better and maybe even a brightly coloured ball over to the left in the middle ground to have given bunny more options showing his choice of sitting in the shade to draw over running around kicking a ball.... Hmmm, I tend to grow and stretch with every doodle and drawing, always questioning, what more could have been done to make this more complete, more interesting....  and these mental musings are enough for me to accomplish in this heat! :)

    As I type these last few words I hear thunder outside - could we have a welcome relief from the humidity and high temperatures?? Mayhaps after the storm we will be blessed with a perfect atmosphere for more inspiring thoughts!!  Thanks be to God!!

    ♥ Cath- 

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