Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Another Sketchbook Sneek-A-Peek

"Take a sketchbook with you everywhere you go - 
you never know when an inspiration may strike." 

    I keep a lined notepad in my car so I can jot down story ideas, illustration ideas, and grocery lists. After the initial 'jot and sketch' in my notebook some ideas have interested me enough to make note of them in my actual sketchbook.  Here are just a few "ideas" I've had over the last few weeks:

"Reading Mice"
 "Baking Day"

"Leaf Aviation Training Camp" (Notebook)
"Leaf Aviation Training Camp" (Sketchbook)

"Snow Day" (Sketchbook)

    Some days I may only get moments to jot down an idea but everyone of these ideas have inspired me to imagine little story lines and conversations so they may yet grow into something much more than a tiny sketch in a book...

    ♥ Cath-

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breezly carver said...

Great little sketches Catharine