Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vineland's NEWEST Place to Eat - Bistro Forty-One

"Bistro Steak and Cheese (on white, with fries)"
(photo from Bistro Forty-One Facebook page)

    "Keep it simple and do it well!"  That's the phrase that keeps running through my mind as I think on my lunch experience at Bistro Forty-One and that's exactly what Bistro Forty-One has done!  

    Conveniently located in the 'village within the Village', Bistro Forty-One celebrated their Grand Opening on Saturday, January 19 - just under a week ago.  This new Vineland bistro is front and center of the Heritage Village adult-lifestyle neighbourhood along Victoria Avenue.  With other needful businesses around it, there is an ample and well-maintained parking lot with entrances off Victoria Avenue as well as John Charles Boulevard which runs parallel to Victoria Ave., just behind the Bistro.

    When we first arrived (I was dining with my lovely sister), we were greeted by a friendly gentleman who gave a choice of a few different tables. We chose a sunny table near a window and took the opportunity to look around a little.

    Clean. Comfortable. Welcoming. All these words describe this new establishment and yet they don't seem to do it justice.  This restaurant has a great feel to it!  It seems like everyone was happy, even excited, to be here presenting all it has to offer to our neighbourhood! 

   It's all about the eating here - forks and spoons are the repeating design elements. My favourite 'art installation' is the over-sized metal spoon and fork which flank the large palladian window on the north side of the bistro - hanging there as if by magic, they echo the clean, sleek stainless steel, open-concept (diner style) kitchen.  Side note: I did not even realize it was an open-concept kitchen until I began to look around.  I mention this because one might expect with an open, diner-style kitchen that the place could feel greasy or be hazy with grilling smoke, but it's the exact opposite!  Clean and fresh describes both the seating/tables and the atmosphere.

    Now on to the ordering!  We had a lovely server who was both pleasant and attentive.  She had a good knowledge of the food they offered and was quick to offer refills and to ask how we were enjoying our meals, but I'm getting ahead of myself!  The lunch menu consists of salads, wraps, and sandwiches - simple, yet full of great choices and flavours! My sister ordered the Tuna Sliders on whole wheat and chose a salad for her side. I decided on the Bistro Steak and Cheese Wrap (pictured above) with a whole wheat wrap and had to try their fries for my side - they're shoestring fries, I couldn't pass 'em up!!

    The Tuna Sliders: Imagine if you will a perfectly balanced tuna salad, dotted with finely diced red onion, just enough to add a nice bit of crunch to the salad, sandwich this between a split and toasted bun (you have choice of white or whole wheat), toss on a leaf of tender lettuce and you've got a sandwich that rendered my sister speechless!  I kept asking her questions about it and she kept nodding 'yes' and then when she was done her first bite she simply said, "This is exactly what I wanted today!"   The mixed green side salad that my sister chose to accompany the sliders kept the meal fresh and light - very enjoyable!

    The Bistro Steak and Cheese that I ordered was delicious!  I chose whole wheat for my wrap (you can choose white, as pictured above) and it was stuffed with tender strips of steak, deliciously sauteed onions, mushrooms, and diced peppers - every bite was perfect!  I found out not too long ago that I belong to the "Perfect Last Bite" club, so you can imagine my joy in finding every bite of this wrap to be perfect!  The fries were really good, and you get a whole bowl of them, so overall this is a very filling and satisfying lunch!

    Bistro Forty-One offers dessert options as well: Biscotti, Italian Twist cookies, and pie - apple and cherry!  We don't often order dessert after a lunch but this beautiful bistro is only open for breakfast and lunch so we had to have a try... we chose a slice of apple pie to share.  Our happy surprise came when we tried our first bites - they serve the pie warm!  A nice touch! The dallop of fresh whipped cream served alongside the slice made this warm comfort food all the better!  

    Open 7:00am - 3:00pm, Tuesday through Sunday with breakfast and lunch served all day and extremely reasonable prices (our total bill was less than $23.00!) I think you need to either set your alarm and head over for breakfast or call a friend or family member to join you for a tasty lunch - you won't regret it! You will soon discover why this just may be Vineland's newest go-to place for good eats!!  

   All that being said, I highly recommend you make plans to welcome our newest neighbour - enjoy the food and the atmosphere that is Bistro Forty-One!

    ♥ Cath- 

    P.S. I can't wait to go back and try their breakfast menu!!

Bistro Forty-One is located at:
4100 Victoria Avenue, Vineland, ON

They offer take-away too!! 
Contact: 905-980-4100



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