Friday, 1 February 2013

Happy February 1st!!

 "So Happy You're My Friend!"
(watercolour, approx. 7x7")
    I was inspired to make this illustration after seeing a sweet photo of elephants in a sanctuary who had been separated from each other for many years and then reunited.  They remembered each other immediately and became inseparable, nuzzling each other with their trunks.  Here's the photo:

 (no photo source available)

    I just love elephants!  They have such a calm, contentment about them. I can stand and watch them for hours!!  I love their faces and all their wrinkles too!  Simply beautiful creatures!

    My blog this month (for the most part) will be dedicated to posting several new illustrations, plus a few older ones not yet seen on Inspiring Felicity, to celebrate in a simple way the feeling of love and contentment, friendship and joy.  I'm excited to share them with you!! 

    ♥ Cath-

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