Thursday, 28 February 2013

Art Companions

(watercolour, approx. 9x6")

    I never quite know where I will find them and I don't go out intentionally looking for them, but when I see one I know immediately!  

    Last June I was having lunch at a beautiful rural tearoom and while perusing the gift shop I stumbled upon a l'il cast-iron rabbit who would become my first art table companion (you can read about Edward here).
 "Strawberries with Edward"
(watercolour, 8x8")

    Edward still enjoys lazing in the sunbeams that stretch across the table, but he enjoys a change of scenery sometimes too.  The kids are more than obliging, moving him into the living room where he can bask in the lamplight on one of the side tables and during the Christmas holidays I found him nestled in amongst the brightly wrapped packages under the tree.

    Sophie was the next art table companion to join the family.  I was perusing a local gift shop just before the Christmas holidays and came across this sweet, simple wrought iron mouse who I knew immediately would be great company for Edward!    

"A Small Study of Sophie"
(pen, approx. 4x4")
    Sophie is so small with such a sweet half-a-nutshell shape that I have a feeling she may yet end up sneaking into a couple of my future drawings!

    As for "Pip" (pictured at top of page) I was out gathering supplies for an upcoming birthday party yesterday and the most beautiful l'il porcelain bird caught my eye. She is hand glazed - her colours, her shape,  her plump l'il cheeks and sparkling black eyes, the sweet smile on her face - I was immediately inspired by her, so home she came!  She simply sparkles in the sunlight - I don't even think Edward minds sharing the sunbeams with her!  The name 'Pip' immediately came to mind when I looked at her - she's just so cheery!
    So this being the last day of February, a month I have dedicated to the theme of Love and Friendship, I finish with these, my cheerful and  inspiring art table companions.  Their friendly faces continue to inspire me and cheer me as I sit at my art table and work on new illustrations!
    ♥ Cath-    


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