Monday, 11 February 2013

Two Ends of the Spectrum

 "My Shy Valentine"
(pen and ink, approx. 5x10")

    Ollie and Olivia's eyes met across the crowded watering hole and not just because they were the only two ostriches standing amongst a herd of pygmy hippos... Quickly both looked away, unsure of what to do next... They had known of each other for quite some time but neither knew how to strike up a sensible conversation.  'Maybe I should say something?' they each thought, but that was a terrifying thought!  Talk?!  What would I say??     

"Unabashed Appreciation"
(pen and ink, approx. 8x10")

    Bella never had any trouble finding words when Brody was around.  When Bella is happy she simply can't be quiet about it!  She always makes sure Brody knows how much she appreciates every l'il gesture of sweetness he exhibits!   

    Some days I just can't resist the urge to find a comfy chair and just draw with my fine liner pens - today was one of those days!  I was inspired by some pen work I had done several years ago when my brother and I developed a comic strip called "Weekly Pews".  Lotsa fun was had with that project! I think I'm going to pull out my pens a little more often!

    ♥ Cath-  

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Kim Rempel said...

These are really great Cathy!