Thursday, 21 February 2013

School Friends...

"School Yard Friends"
(watercolour and ink, approx 11x14")

   A few years ago I was asked to create an image that could be used on the cover of the Kindergarten 'Memory Album' - something that would look pretty and have something to do with school.  I couldn't resist capturing a favourite outdoor play area... Laughter and squeals, patty-cake and leaf collecting, freeze tag and hide-n-seek, the playground is always full of vibrant colours and imagination!

    As I went looking for "friendship" illustrations amongst my portfolio of work I realized I didn't have many that told enough of a story.  Many I had designed to be used on greeting cards, with the illustration telling part of the story and the sentiment in the card telling the rest.... Then I remembered about this one.  

    Friends come and friends go, sometime over a course of the year, sometimes in the course of the day.  Kindergarten is full of transition!  Some may find their best friend for life in kindergarten, while others flit between several classmates.  In kindergarten friendship is emphasized and encouraged!  I was volunteering at the local school this past week and overheard one of the kindergarten teachers joyfully welcome one of her l'il students who had just returned from a long family vacation. The teacher exclaimed,  "Your friends are going to be so-o-o thankful to see you back at school!!"  And they were!  Her statement made that particular student feel so special and it encouraged all the other students in the classroom to show her words to be true!  What a happy afternoon that student must have had!!

    Yeah for all the teachers who go that extra mile in creating a friendly and welcoming environment for all their students!! 

    ♥ Cath-               

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