Friday, 22 March 2013

Inspiring Fabric + Creativity = Curtains!

Detail of the inspiring fabric design I immediately fell for at Ikea...
("Cecilia", cotton, $2.99/metre!!)

    I knew that this would be a pretty design for my kitchen door and window so I bought what they had left on the bolt, 2.5 metres - enough to make the two panels I needed with some to spare.  I've always enjoyed the casual look of cottage-style so when I found that I had a large remnant of a deep apple green fabric sporting white grid lines I knew it would be perfect to edge the panels for the windows!  The juxtaposition of these two fabrics/prints - free-form botanicals beside geometric lines, with colour being their common bond - LOVE!      
This photo isn't very clear/crisp but it shows the true colour and 
the fun juxtaposition achieved with the two fabrics I used!

Curtain panels in place and full length
(windows are each W30" x H62")

 Curtain panels, accordion folded and held up with green grosgrain ribbon

 Detail of curtain panels, lifted.

    These windows are full Southern exposure, so while these are delightful windows to sit by on a sunny winter day, they allow in much too much heat in the summer so these curtain panels will certainly help with keeping the kitchen cooler and more enjoyable in those hot months!  Now that's inspiring!!

    ♥ Cath-

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