Monday, 31 March 2014

The Gift of Friendship

I received a beautiful gift this past week...  
Potted tulips - a sure sign of Spring! 
After the large amounts of snow we received this Winter, 
any sign of Spring is a very welcome one!  

I sat the tulips on my table by a sunny window 
and watched as the buds swelled and blushed... 
just two days later they were fully unfurled and gleaming!


When I first saw them, looking so striking, the perfect shade of red set atop the fresh green of the stalks and those lovely curving leaves - Oh, I just wanted to sit down with my pencil and paints and have at it!!

But it was Sunday morning, time to sit and paint would have to wait!

Needless to say, I was so looking forward to today!! 
I had nothing on my calendar, which meant time for painting! 
But as I'm teaching myself to keep our house more organized 
I knew that tidying needed to come first.

As I hurriedly worked around the house, I would often snatch a glance at the tulips 
basking in the soft sunlight that was streaming through the window... 

"Just a few more minutes of housekeeping and I will be able 
to sit for awhile with my paints and brushes... just a few more minutes."

 (watercolour, approx 9"x 9")

The anticipation that grew with each glance at these beautiful flowers was simply inspiring!
I'm feeling very blessed for having received them and for having the time and ability to capture them!



Kim Rempel said...

Lovely Catharine! Aren't flowers a real lift? Especially this time of year!

Cath- said...

Thank you Kim! After this long Winter it did me a world if good to sit and focus on all that gorgeous fresh green!! ♡