Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!!

I received another beautiful pot of tulips, this time for my birthday!

Again, they were just in bud when I received them and even this morning 
they looked like they may take another day to fully open, but when I came home this 
afternoon they were celebrating the Spring warmth and sunshine as much I had been!!

Fully open and boasting the prettiest blush of pink, almost a coral! Simply Gorgeous!!

I only had half an hour before I had to go for school pick-up 
but I just couldn't resist capturing these tulips with my pencil and paint!

 "Tulips From Patt"
(watercolour, approx, 9" x 10")

I couldn't think of a happier way to spend some free time on my birthday!!
Happy flowers, happy thoughts - preserved for always!!



Andrea Koop said...

Tulips - my favourite!

Absolutely beautiful Catharine. And a Happy Belated Birthday to you! I wish you a wonderful year filled with blessings.


Cath- said...

Thank you Andrea!