Friday, 4 April 2014

Abundance of Beauty

It is the year of the tulip!
At least it is in my house...

On the evening of my birthday I received a beautiful bouquet of cut tulips. 
They are of the softest lavender - so feminine and graceful!!

 I've never enjoyed such an abundance of beauty and inspiration - all in one week!!

Beyond the tulips I'm enjoying, my parents sent me a basket overflowing with Spring flowers!
There are so many beautiful blooms that I couldn't even begin to sketch them, let alone paint them!

As I finish my tidying and my bible reading during the day I find myself just sitting and gazing at them,
enjoying their colours and textures - a little time to recharge and get inspired! Thanks Mom & Dad!!

Guess what?!

Today is my 2 year Blog-versary!!

It's interesting to go back over the last two years and see the work I've accomplished
and the fun pieces I've developed!  I hope to do more painting than I have in the past year.

I have rather large commission pieces still in the works, 
hoping to have them completed by the end of June, God willing.

I have some fun paintings I'm enjoying now too, I hope to post them soon!
Also, I'm developing some stories and characters for a couple of picture book ideas 
I want to follow through on and there's no time like the present!

Speaking of the present, here is my painting of the tulip bouquet 
I received as a present on my birthday:

"Birthday Bouquet of Tulips"
(watercolour, 9" x 12")

Wishing you all a wonderful year!! Thank you for your encouraging words and your nice comments!
I feel very blessed to be able to draw and paint pictures that inspire felicity in others, as well as myself!!



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