Thursday, 4 September 2014

First Steps

This week has been difficult. I didn't know that it would be, but it is.

Every once in a while I get halted in my daily tasks 
by the realization that our little family is growing up.

We have reached the age where each morning our eldest now hugs each of us good-bye 
and steps out the door on her own.  
Mom's not driving her to her destination and Dad's not walking her to the bus stop.

Our youngest is now sitting in the highly sought after front seat of the car 
on the way to school and talking like a fifty year old.
~ mind you, this talking like a fifty year old is not uncommon, 
it only gets more interesting the older she gets!

She steps out of the car and I realize she has reached the age 
when it's kinda sorta embarrassing to hear your Mom say, maybe too loudly, 
"I love you! Have a great day!" 
- especially when a teacher is standing nearby! 
 (You think I would have learned from when our eldest entered this stage, oops!)
But she always smiles a little smile and says, "Bye!" 
before she throws her backpack over her shoulder and heads into the school.

I've been mopey this week because of all these moments of realization,
glad that we've all reached these new milestones in our little family,
but also wishing time would slow down a bit.

My dear friend listened to me for a while and then she said, 
"Grab your sketchbook and draw a picture of what you just told me!"
I said, "No, it's not a happy picture!"
"Yes, it is!, she hastily replied. 
She went on to express how we have brought God into our home in everything we do. 
We have raised, and continue to raise, our girls to honour Him and now our eldest 
is taking those first steps that she needs to take. She has a strong faith in God herself
and it's through her confidence in Him and in our training that allows her to do this.

She has simply begun to wade out into deeper water now.  The lessons will be bigger but we will keep guiding her according to God's will. Encouraging her to go to God for His help and care in all that she faces. Showing her that going to Him with gratitude and thankfulness alleviates much of the burdens we carry.

Oh, and my friend also said that I needed to include Proverbs 22:6 in my drawing.

I grabbed my sketchbook and it really did help me feel happy about this new beginning, 
these new steps that each of our children are taking on their own.

"First Steps"
(graphite, 8.5" x 11")

My friend is very wise.

We can't hold our children back.
We have to use all the time we are blessed with and teach them about the goodness of God
and His love for us all. We need to teach them His principles that make every day better and make situations in life easier to handle.  We have to let them grow and develop and begin to apply the things they have learned from us. Yes, some of us will still hold our breaths a little, but prayerfully, we must let go and let them take those first steps.

Thank you dear friend - I know you're reading this -
thank you for your wise words and the inspiring thoughts!

♥ Cath-