Tuesday, 30 September 2014

"Paws for a Bit"

Do you ever get a jolt of inspiration?

Is your next step to frantically snatch up any scrap of paper you can find
so you can jot it down while the idea was still fresh in your mind?

Me too! 

Some of the ideas I have are so strong that jotting it down is not enough - 
I have to draw it out in detail and then paint it, and I'm not satisfied until it is completed.

Other ideas simply fill a moment and I jot them down and then happily ponder them.
I peruse them in my mind while working away at other projects...
These ideas, strangely enough, are usually lists - a whole group of ideas
that might work into something someday... 
...so they are carefully tucked into the back of my sketchbook 
or added to the small pile of  'thoughts' resting on my bookshelf,
waiting for the day that I revisit them.

Well, just a couple weeks ago while sorting through some papers on my bookshelf, 
I came across a list of thoughts I had started compiling a few years ago...
and the inspiring idea was still there! 
I carried the list back to my sketchbook and began to visualize the words on the list...

That list went from being a happy thought jotted down and tucked away
to a strong idea that had to be completed!

And from that I have created a new card line called:

Originally inspired by, and in memory of, our beautiful collie, 
Duncan McAndrew

 This new greeting card series features six new collie designs
and are available for purchase.  

I will post two designs each day over the next few days.

Here are the first two designs in the "Paws For A Bit - Collie" series:

 Card Interior: 
"Way to go! You really took command of the situation!

Card Interior: 
"Thinking of you..."

These cards, like most of my card designs, can be left blank inside 
or customized with a different interior sentiment.

 There are plenty more ' jotted-down ideas' waiting for me
~ An inspiring thought, indeed!!


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