Monday, 5 October 2015

"A Collection of Nuts"

Autumn Is For The Squirrels
A poem written by me!

Running here, running there
Inspecting all the ruts
Dashing here, dashing there
Collecting all the nuts!

Leaping here, leaping there
Bounding from tree to tree.
Jumping here, jumping there
We're on a gath'ring spree!

Checking here, checking there
 Using our sense of smell.
Looking here, looking there
We buried them so well!

Scurrying here, scurrying there
Gotta tuck them away.
Bustling here, bustling there
We have no time to stay!
 Cramming here, cramming there
Working all day, 'til night.
Shoving here, shoving there
Packing them all in tight!

Watching here, watching there
Thieves are quick as a flash! 
Squawking here, squawking there
Gotta protect our stash!

The poem was written to go along with my newest illustration celebrating Autumn!

"A Collection of Nuts"
(watercolour, approx. 12" x 7")

Hope you find enjoyable activities to fill your days 
while everything out of doors prepares itself for Winter!

♥ Cath- 




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