Monday, 7 December 2015

Delivering Christmas Cheer

This year seems to have gone by as quickly
as my recently planted amaryllis bulb sprouts!

And like the rapidly growing amaryllis stalk, 
there has been something to be wowed by each day!

It's a lovely thing to realize that with a little water 
and a snug peat-filled pot that the amaryllis bulb 
will awaken from a 3-season slumber and begin again 
to sprout and stretch its gorgeous green leaves upward!

It's an even lovelier thing to realize that with a little care
and a snug love-filled hug that a neighbour
will feel blessed by a small gesture of kindness and will
produce a warm smile that will in turn make us feel blessed!

It's a beautiful time of year to show kindness!

I have found that at this time of year people are much more receptive 
to unexpected knocks at the door and the discovery of a basket filled
with fresh baked cookies sitting on their front porch.

There is something wonderful about this time of year!

We are all anticipating the first snowfall
We are finding ways to stay warm and snug...
Boots and galoshes, 
Hats and toques, 
Gloves and mitts,
Cowls and scarves,

Kindnesses, especially the unexpected ones,
can add a special warmth to someone's day
that simply cannot be replicated any other way!

When was the last time you shoveled your neighbour's driveway or sidewalk?
Or ran down the street after their garbage can lid because it was blown off 
by a strong gust of wind?  
When was the last time you baked them a special treat - just because?
Or simply dropped off a note letting them know that you're glad you're neighbours?

Now is the time to get your heart thinking of how you can share warmth
and show kindness to those with whom you share a street!

"Delivering Christmas Cheer"
(watercolour, approx. 8" x 12")

Be a Secret Santa!
Be a bold, carol-singing elf!
Be your own sweet self! 
However you choose to do it - 
just do your very best to get out there
and deliver some Christmas cheer!!



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