Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Stocking Stuffing (3) - Giraffes

A Giraffe's Christmas Wish
(written by me!)
Twinkle, twinkle little star
If I could keep you in a jar
I'd wish upon you ev'ry night
Wishing for some snow, so white!

"I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight!"

In Africa the sun glows so hot
For giraffes like me, it's just the spot
But all the same it might be nice
To have a little snow and ice!

If I should wear some figure skates
I'd create some nice figure eights!
I'd glide across the ice so slick
Spinning, twirlin' 'round, oh so quick!

I know that is what I would want
A frozen pond on which to jaunt,
But other creatures might dislike
Their home becoming the Klondike.

So, Santa please, do what is best
For me, my family, and the rest.
Let's forget wishin' for snowfall 
I wish good days for one and all!

"Stocking Stuffing... Giraffes"
(watercolour, approx. 12" x 7")

These sweet giraffes are going to awake to find the juiciest leaves 
from the tallest of trees tucked into their stockings - the leaves they 
are not yet tall enough to reach! What a wonderful treat to awake to!

This is my favourite, so far, in my Stocking Stuffing series! 

I discovered, while researching how giraffes sleep, that they sleep for about 4 hours a day!
They snuggle down into these sweet little packages - all limbs and long curving necks -
and they curl their neck around to rest their heads on their hind quarters!

These li'l giraffes were SO much fun to draw! 
All curvy lines and knobbly knees!! And spots!!!

The keen observer may have already discovered that whenever I draw 
a giraffe, I hide a heart (or two!) somewhere among their spots.
 I love hiding hearts (when I can) in my artwork!
Can you find the hidden hearts on these giraffes?

I will join with the li'l giraffe in wishing good days to one and all!
All the best ALWAYS!!  
 ♥ Cath-




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