Friday, 18 December 2015

Stocking Stuffing (4) - Cats

The Three Kitten's Christmas Eve
(written by me)
Said the three little kittens, 
"We cannot find our mittens!
What will we hang up tonight?"

"If only we had listened,
And cleaned up 'til all glistened
Everything would be alright!"

The three sad little kittens
Searched all day for their mittens
'Til Mother wished them goodnight.

"Whatever is the matter,
Your smiles could not be flatter,
Why are my kittens contrite?"

"Oh Mother, we do so fear,
E'en though we searched far 'n' near,
Our mitt'ns ne'er came into sight!" 

The kittens as they blubbered
Watched her go to the cupboard
And pull out an old flashlight.

"Come along, my dear kittens
We will find your lost mittens
E'en if it takes 'til Midnight."

They searched attic and basement
And every window casement
 Then to their joy and delight

Their Mother found the mittens
For the worried li'l kittens
 Laying across the skylight.

"Oh Mother, we had forgott'n
That on the roof we'd gott'n
When we were puttin' up the lights."

"It was so warm and breezy
There was no fear we'd freezy,
So we tossed our mitts out of sight."

 "Thank you so much Mother dear!
We now have reason to cheer
For this is Christmas Eve night."

"Now to hang our mittens 'round,
Then to get to sleepin' sound -
Santa is coming tonight!!" 

"Stocking Stuffing... Cats" 
(watercolour, approx. 4" x 6") 

These li'l kittens, although rather forgetful at times, are also very creative!
They are quite adept with a pair of scissors - just look at the snowflakes they've made!

Completely tuckered out from their mitten searching expeditions, but happy
that their dear Mom helped them retrace their steps to find the lost woolens.
Without them what would they have to hang for stockings?

Hoping you find joy in your holiday anticipations
and in the actual celebrations too! 
♥ Cath- 

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