Friday, 15 July 2016

Long Time No See

I didn't forget about my blog,
I just became very busy with many other things!

Since the beginning of the year, I have been writing 5 days a week
for a Facebook group called G.R.O.W. It is a group that encourages
women to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord,
through Bible study and obedience to God's commands.

I was also busy with several commissions in the Spring,
one of which I will share with you today!

This particular commission was both exciting and nerve-wracking!

My best friend's husband asked me to sketch a portrait of their dog.
It was to be a gift to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.
 Sadly, Shadow had passed just a few months before.
Shadow was a German Shepherd/Coyote mix.

He had the most amazing amber hued eyes.

He was a great doorbell, announcing anyone he heard step
onto the front porch, but beyond that he was reserved unless
he deemed you qualified to give his ears a good scratch!

And wow, did he stop traffic - foot traffic, that is!
Rarely went on a walk with him, without someone stopping
and commenting on his good looks - it was those eyes, let me tell you!

He was a wonderful, well-behaved dog, and he is missed. 

So, it was an honour to try to capture his essence in a portrait.

I don't often think to snap photos of my works in progress, but I'm glad I did for this one!

Here was the progress...

as of  March 17th:
I had plotted out the main colour areas and facial structure in watercolours,
then began adding hair detail with PrismaColor pencil crayons.
You can also see that I already placed quite a bit of work and attention on his eyes
~ Oh, those eyes! ~
I needed to accomplish the eyes first, if I didn't get them right it simply wouldn't be Shadow!

as of March 30th:
At this point I have a majority of the facial hair placed - focusing on keeping
Shadow's eyes strong and getting his unique dark/black markings placed correctly.

This is a photo I snapped of the finished piece, as of April 7th,
just before I framed and matted it for delivery:

"The Guardian"
(watercolour and coloured pencil, approx. 12" x 12") 

She liked it, she really liked it!

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