Friday, 16 September 2016

Inspiring Felicity

I started this blog just over 4 years ago.
I came up with the name "Inspiring Felicity" after a short brainstorming session.
I've always liked the word 'inspiring' - it's just packed full of potential! -
and I had long been intrigued by the word 'felicity' after reading Jane Austen's 
"Sense & Sensibility', in which you find Marianne Dashwood's happy declaration, 
"Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?"

I wanted nothing more than for my 'work' to inspire 
and promote happiness in others - it was a perfect fit - 
'Inspiring Felicity' was born! 

A few months ago, on a whim, I joined a craft show that was at our local school - 
I had five days to prepare and I had never done a show before - what was I thinking?!
Not only that, in the midst of all the organizing and prep before printing I made the decision to change my card 'company' name on the back of my greeting cards, 
from "Bunnies & Buttons Card Factory" to "Inspiring Felicity Card Studio".

So if you have a card from me with the 'original' card company name on it - it is now considered 'vintage' and I'm pretty sure 'highly collectible' - as for its rise in value, one cannot possibly predict! ;)

And with the name change, comes a need for a new logo!

I sat down with my sketchbook and with furrowed brow and a light tapping on my forehead in true Winnie the Pooh style - "think, think, think" - I thunk, thunk, thunk, and came up with this:

 A mouse - my go to animal when I'm sorting out ideas - 
but this is not just any mouse, this is a mouse that is inspired to felicity!

Here is the official logo that now represents all my artistic and creative endeavours:

...and this is the logo that you'll now find 
on the back of all my greeting and note cards:


With all my cards now sporting their new 'ink', I completed all my printing and packaging
with time to spare and the craft show went well! I was glad I had signed up - 
as impulsive as it was - it was good idea and it inspired me to join another show 
that is coming up on  Saturday, September 24th, again at our local school.
I have also started to sell my cards and art prints at an area gift shop.

So things are happening! 
I've been busy being a mom and I've been busy painting up new stuff -
new Inspiring Felicity products for the show and hopefully the shop too!

I hope to highlight some of the new things I'm working on
over the course of next week, the Lord willing.

Until then I hope you find inspiration 
and felicity in each of your days!
♥ Cath-

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