Saturday, 24 May 2014

Consider the Dandelion

Today "Inspiring Felicity" welcomes a guest writer... 
my Dad, Brian V. Sullivan.

Without further ado...

Consider the dandelion...
     Organic evolution cannot account for its skills to advance through these various cycles and then be preserved by the sending forth of seeds. The plant could not have randomly done this, for it would have perished long before it accomplished that.
    Every dandelion goes through the same cycle over and over in its given lifetime. John H. Gerstner declares that “Its very survival demonstrates a built in characteristic of preservation and continuation.”  The plant itself does not have a brain but yet functions with deliberate action toward a definite end. God alone is the answer to this “purpose” that is so evident.
    How does it know when to cease being a flower bloom and become a seed-bearing plant? Either there is an intelligent Cause behind this plant and its creation or it just happened. If it just happened, how did it happen to exist long enough to do what it is known for doing: budding, blooming and dispatching multitudinous seeds for new plantations?

    When you see a dandelion think of how it came into being and what it is that makes it bud, bloom and become a virtual seed house. It exudes design in its very nature of moving from bloom to seed dispersal unit.
Without human intervention, just grand design, the dandelion greets each spring visitor and heralds the truth: There is a God and He made me!

    Without human interference the dandelion has gone through generation after generation of growing, blooming and seeding. Yet, the basic plant itself remains the same suggesting clearly the “fixity of species”. Yes, there may be different variables in the plant, but the basic structure and development remains the same throughout the species. This demonstrates “purpose”.

   Only one reasonable explanation remains for the persistence, tenacity, and continual supply of generations of dandelions– God made them in the first place, and gave them a role to play in the natural realm.

    Imagine if man had declared the dandelion a flower rather than a noxious weed? They are one of first harbingers of spring, a yellow orb of sunshine, a ready bouquet for little boys and girls to pick, a virtual salad and to some other purposes that we will leave untold. How could something so useful be classified as a weed?

    Did you realize the dandelion in rapid succession reminds us of the fleeting nature of our life? It begins as a young and tender plant, then advances to maturity and blooming, then it advances to silvery-grey and ultimately a precious part of it “flies away” much as the Scriptures suggest we do (Psalm 90:10).  In spite of dying it lives on.

Every flower has its season, is this your day to shine in God’s sight? 

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