Monday, 28 May 2012


"Blue Jay Chick"
(Spring 2006)

    Taking their first few hops and pops in the grass as they begin to explore the world outside the nest... so cute!  Over the past several years I've watched many young birds get their start by hopping around the yard.  The parent bird is always perched somewhere nearby - watching.

"Robin Chick"
(May 2012)  

   Sometimes the parent will make their presence known using the not-so-subtle swoop overhead method... other times I've noticed that they sit somewhere just out of sight - waiting, watching - a single sharp chirp from the parent alerts the chick to start hopping toward the sound of the call. 

    This l'il robin chick was having a seista in the backyard on Saturday afternoon, well, that is until I heard the shrill call from it's momma alerting it of the approaching paparazzi (me!) and it started it's hippety-hoppity way home...

    I ♥ the little tufts of fluff still holding on and poking between the more mature feathers - darling!  

    ♥ Cath-


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