Monday, 7 May 2012

Elderberry Hedge Schoolhouse

"Elderberry Hedge Schoolhouse"
(Watercolour, 7x10")

    Every growing village needs a place for young minds to explore and advance under the tutelage of a wise and learned member of the village.  Elderberry Hedge is no different.  The young from far and near gather daily to learn with Mr. MacKinnley as he instructs them in all subjects: math, languages, history, geography, and the arts.
    Mr. Mackinnley, like Edward, seems to have had his profession marked out for him from the time he was just a fledgling. Fortunately our Mr. MacKinnley studied and grew and soon discovered that he, like his family members before him, had been blessed with a natural ability to learn and to teach.
    Rising with the sun each morning our village teacher gets out for "a good stretch of the wings" followed by a hearty breakfast.  Then the lovely flight over the village to the schoolhouse where he will go through his morning routine of dusting and polishing the windows. With only an hour left before classes are to begin for the day he settles down at his large desk to look over his lesson plan.
    Finally, it is time. Stepping out into the sunlight of the morning with bell in hand, Mr MacKinnley announces the start of the day for his students.  Quickly lining up outside the doors, they are greeted with a warm and friendly smile from their teacher - today is going to be another wonderful day of learning! 

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