Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Autumn Down East

I was gifted a special souvenier from a recent trip 
my Aunt & Uncle took "down East" - to the East Coast of Canada.

In Mid-August as they were walking through the village of Baddeck
on Cape Breton Island in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia
my Uncle found a couple Autumn-coloured maple leaves 
which he carefully preserved for the remainder 
of their trip and the trip home...

He presented these beautiful leaves to me and I knew instantly
that I had to capture them on paper - they SO deserved to be
preserved in the form of a painting!

So over the past week I been working on layering colour...



I originally meant to leave them as a simple study on a blank/empty background...
but I wanted create a sense of where they had came from.

So I chose to make them appear to be laying on well-used dock, maybe it's one
of the docks that stretch out into the sparkling waters of the Bras D'or Lake.

"Early Autumn in Baddeck"  
(watercolour, approx. 5" x 7")

I ♥ Autumn whether it's here in Ontario or "down East"!
It's always  inspiring!!



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