Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bunny Hill

It's that time of year again!

People are beginning countdowns to Christmas...

Ideas for gifts are being jotted into lists...

Who's going to cook the turkey this year...

For me, this time of year is just a fun time 
to come up with  some cute winter holiday cards!

I had a large sheet of watercolour paper that had suffered slightly 
from a small collision with a loaded paint brush so I chopped the sheet
down into postcard sizes and set to work on some simple, fun designs!

Here's one that fell outta the pencil the other day:

  "Bunny Hill"
(watercolour,  approx 3.5" x 6")

Can you feel the brisk breeze against your nose and cheeks?
I look at this and I can hear the 'skoooooooo' of the toboggan 
as it quickly glides atop the crystallized snow....
All other sounds are blocked out by the wind whipping past my ears...

The simple childhood pleasures of tobogganing...
The pure, white snow blanketing the hill....
The thrill of the descent!
Catching your breath - you only now realize you'd held your breath the whole ride down!
You get up, shake off the accumulated snow, grab up the rope of the toboggan,
turn and realize just how far you've come and you're thrilled!
Then it sinks in just how far you have to climb back up!!
 you take a deep breath and begin the duck foot trudge back up to the top, 
simply so you can do it all over again!


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