Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Paws For A Bit, Goldens Series

I really didn't know that I would be able to come up with 
enough Golden Retriever designs to make a series.

As I've said before I had a tough time coming up with some cute puns for Goldens.

Then one day I came up with a couple and a friend made a great suggestion 
during a phone conversation one evening and well, a series was established!

Here is the first idea I had when I tried to think outside the "Retriever" box 
and focused more on the "Golden" part of the name:

Card Interior:
"No distance can separate us! 
I'm so glad we're friends!"

(Above design also available as a blank note card) 


And here is the idea my friend suggested:

Ummm, wait just a moment... 
I feel that a disclaimer is needed here, before you continue on...
*Disclaimer: Although my 'Paws For A Bit' dog series cards can, in most cases, 
be used for various occasions the following card design should not be used 
for Bridal Showers or as a congratulatory Wedding card! Just sayin'!

Okay, now that we have that taken care of, here is the design:

 Card interior:
"Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors!"

Hope your day is golden!!

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