Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Stack of Teacups - Framed!
(Original print framed to 4x6")

    All it took was a wonderful, dear friend to get an inspiration about how to display my greeting card design for me to see my artwork in a whole new way!
    A whole new world seemed to open up to me today as I sat and visited with my lovely friend Lisa.... Lisa has always believed in me and has always seen potential in my artwork.  So when she went and retrieved a frame and put one of my greeting card designs in it she was really giving me a huge gift - she gave me the gift of believing in my artwork and seeing it as having potential to be sold...  She gave me possibility! 
    After traveling home, my mind swirling with new ideas, I stepped out of the car and saw the endless expanse of blue sky and suddenly said to myself , "That's how I feel right now!" 
    The possiblities are endless!! 

♥ Cath-


Kim Rempel said...

Yes, they are! ; ) Love your teacups. Beautifully spring-like!

Anonymous said...

pretty and coulorful!