Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter!

    Wow, I can't get enough sugary treats this weekend... I'd like to think it's just the artist in me that is attracted to all the bright colours but I've never found myself sneaking samples of my acrylic paint while I'm painting, so what is it about Easter candy that makes it so irresistible this year? 
    Every Spring a sugar surge crashes my regular eating habits, right around my birthday. Someone buys a cake and I end up eating more of it than I should, friends take me out for lunch and insist on me having a dessert to celebrate my big day.  Soon I begin mindlessly gobbling up leftover cupcake supplies from the baking cupboard! Oh yeah, I am so-o-o sliding down the slippery slope of saccharin servitude!!
    Most years I get a week or two of blessed reprieve between my birthday and Easter to get this sugar thing under control but this year Easter has fallen only one week after my birthday and I'm already eyeing the kid's Easter baskets! ~help!~
    I must remember what Julia Child once said, "Everything in moderation - including moderation!"  : ))

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