Thursday, 12 April 2012

Molasses Oat Bread

"Oats and Molasses Bread"

    Sometimes you just have to follow a craving inspiration!  Molasses bread with oats and whole wheat goodness baked right in... Mmmm-Mmm! 
    Using only a few common pantry ingredients the bread comes together quickly and in the end you get to enjoy TWO loaves - or you could keep one and give the other away. But if you decide to share - do it quick, because after you taste this bread your tastebuds will go all Scrooge and Grinch-like toward the idea of sharing!! 
    This recipe is a keeper... A thin, crisp-on-the-bottom crust wraps itself around the soft and slightly sweet inside - so-o-o good sliced and served up all sammich-style with some really good ham and mustard.  A little butter and jam alongside a cup of tea would be delicious too!!   : )) 
    Make some and see for yourself how easy and delicious bread from scratch can be!! 

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Anonymous said...

it was very yummy I liked it(can you please make me more)