Tuesday, 19 June 2012

"Meeting in the Middle"

"Meeting in the Middle"
(watercolour, 8x8" approx.)

    I can't believe I am typing this but I have to write the truth of it - I was inspired by the heat and humidity today!  Ever since I was a kid summer heat mixed with humidity has been something I have longed to get away from. But today while preparing to paint it struck me that the only way to combat this horrid combination is to use my imagination to focus on something refreshing and cool... 
   Water... lake... ocean... Okay, now we're getting somewhere!  Underwater ocean scene with..... a polar bear, yeah, a polar bear! Okay, every illustration needs to tell a story so what is he doing, other than swimming?  Hmmmm... the polar bear is swimming to meet a friend! Now for a friend... a fish? No... Hmmm, an animal that lives in the ocean... oh, oh, I know - a penguin!! 
    Umm, Cath, penguins live in the Antarctic and polar bears, um, yeah, they live in the Arctic - opposite sides of the earth!
    Okay, okay, I can still work with this....  Haha!! I know, I'll title it "Meeting in the Middle" as though the polar bear started swimming South and the penguins why, they were swimming North, you know like a family vacation of sorts and they MET IN THE MIDDLE!!  Woo-HOOO!!!

   Well, it worked... I stayed cool and refreshed all day and we don't even have air-conditioning in our house - so my imagination has shown itself to be in full-working order!!

   ♥ Cath-

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