Thursday, 14 June 2012

More Props...

The remaining props of which I have photographs are for the following plays being performed Thursday at our school by students who are in the Sunbit Theatre Company in-school drama program:
"The Princess Who Couldn't Cry" and "Oliver Twisted"

Royal Banners for the Princess play 
(One with a crown, one with an onion)

Chalk Outline for 'Oliver Twisted'
(a film noir-style mystery)
Two of these 'outlines' were put up on a solid black wall at
back of stage with caution tape artistically angled across them...
I also made matching thrones (yellow and red) for the Princess play 
but made them at school and didn't have my camera with me...
Looking forward to my current busy-ness calming a little bit as school
begins to wind down but loving these last days of excitement that
cause most everyone to walk around with a smile
and the energy to reach the finish line!
My mind is humming with ideas for summer projects!  Woo-hooo!
♥ Cath-

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