Friday, 22 June 2012

Plein Air in JUNE!!!!

   Today was the second half of my wonderful birthday gift from my generous husband - a day plein air painting at Good Earth in Beamsville!!  A extrememly talented local artist and all-round lovely person, Kim Rempel has plein air workshops at Good Earth once a month (May - September) and encourages all participants to shrug off limitations and just have at it!! 
    Well today, I took that advice to heart and let myself be inspired by the beautiful perennial gardens on the property and let the brush strokes fall!

"Black-Eyed Susans"
(acrylic, 12x12" stretched canvas)
    I don't know if you call these Black-Eyed Susans or Orange Coneflowers but they were a lovely golden yellow and a beautiful contrast to the surrounding flowers and foliage!
    And that's not all!! After lunch - which was AMAZING - I was inspired to paint a second piece - a companion of sorts to the first painting:

"Black-Eyed Susans Too"
(acrylic, 12x12" stretched canvas)

    I can tell that my mind was more at ease about accomplishing this second piece. Not to get all analytical about it but the strokes just appear more free and smooth - relaxed... that's the effect good food has on me! : )

Here they are together:

    A wonderful day that has renewed my faith in myself as a student - I'm still learning and developing!!  To prove the point - here is the painting I accomplished at my first plein air painting workshop (I've now attended four) on July 8, 2011 - one year ago, give or take a week:

    I've developed some in the last year! It's exciting to see that!!  I'm thankful to God!!  Woo-Hoooo!! 

    ♥ Cath- 

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