Monday, 4 June 2012

Preliminary Sketch - E.H. Antique Shop

"Preliminary Sketch of Nicholas in His Shop"
(2H graphite, sketchbook)

    I didn't know how busy I have been until I realized on Sunday that I had only posted once last week!  I spent last week working away at prepping for our school's Fun Fair - I volunteer in the Tea Room (The Sweet Leaves Tea Room) - which is no surprise!  I worked at the plating station for desserts - my favourite job!  Little sprigs of mint and artistic dallops of whipped cream, fresh fruit - every plate is a canvas!!  All in all a lot of fun!
    I have been working away in my spare time at the next illustration in my Elderberry Hedge series.  This is a preliminary sketch of Nicholas.  I knew after completing The Bonny Baker I wanted to work on an interior and when I thought of Nicholas' antique shop I knew exactly which room I wanted to capture and it would show off some of his collected treasures at the same time! The sun shining through his window inspired me even more - I knew I had to paint this scene!
    I'll share this little sneek peek into Nicholas' world: Nicholas has been a long-time resident of Elderberry Hedge and his curious shop, "Antiquities and Things Found" has long been a part of the village. Nicholas comes from a long line of pack rats and....
    That's all for now! 
    Gotta get to work on the actual painting!

    ♥ Cath-


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