Saturday, 15 November 2014

Cozy Up For Christmas

There is something wonderful about putting on a cozy something!

A cozy sweater that keeps the chill away...
A cozy pair of socks before slipping your feet between the cool bedsheets...
A cozy pair of mitts are the perfect barrier from the cold air while out of doors...
and how about a cozy scarf that not only keeps the wintry cold out 
but also adds a splash of colour and flair to any outfit!!

I love scarves!
I loved my great grandfather's scarf - an simple yet elegant black flannel with small black
 buttons that allowed the scarf to lay flat and be buttoned like a shirt - nice and neat!
I loved my classic red plaid scarf made from fine soft wool!
I love my fuchsia pashmina that I use as a winter scarf - it can hang straight,
be tied up in any fancy knot or twist, or I can toss an end over my shoulder for a dramatic look 
I don't often go for drama - but when I do...

As you all must know by now I also love dogs!
If you didn't happen to know that, check out some of my past blog posts:
Here, here, here, here, and here for a few examples!  

Well, if you can put two things together that you love - that makes it even better right?!

So let's "Cozy up for Christmas" with a new holiday card design series:
 "Dogs With Scarves"
I will post three 'Dogs With Scarves' designs each day 
for the next several days. When I have posted them all I will
begin to feature the holiday cards I have created using
my 'Dog With Scarves' designs!

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Don't worry, we'll wait for you before we continue on.



Okay, that took a little longer than I thought, but it's all good! It's all good!

On to the new 'Dogs With Scarves' designs! 


Oh, c'mon you knew I had to feature a collie first!! 
Duncan is wearing the timeless "Duncan" clan tartan/plaid.

Okay... on to the next!
"Marie A. Toinette" 

~ Can you guess this lovely poodle's middle name??


Red is his favourite colour - it seemed only appropriate it be his name too!

God willing, I will post the next three "Dog With Scarves" on Monday!

In the meanwhile, I hope you stay cozy as the cold
weather begins to settle in for the season!

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