Monday, 3 November 2014

Perspective Adds Depth To Life

"Perspective adds depth to life."
That is the mini epiphany I had after a phone conversation with my older brother.

I had taken a photo of my new card design while I was working on it 
and sent it to him via Messenger.... he liked it.
He began to say something I knew to be the beginning of a 'constructive criticism',
but then he hesitated... not wanting to discourage me about my piece.
I encouraged him to tell me what needed 'fixing' and he suggested that the 
toboggan would benefit from some perspective - it would give it some interest.

Here's the preliminary sketch of the piece:
You can see how the toboggan is a simple candy cane shape.

 By this time I had the full background painted in, the bunnies themselves
were inked and painted - even the toboggan was inked and painted!
I had the space to add the perspective my brother suggested but... hmmm....

I went on listening to him talk about other things while I sketched away, 
adding 'depth' to the toboggan, then erasing what I had done and trying again...
Soon my brother caught on that I was only half-listening and inquired if it was 
his suggestion to my work that altered our conversation.

"Yes. I'm trying to make it work, but I can't seem to get it right. I think I'll have to 
just leave this one the way it is and try the perspective thing for another piece."

But the more I looked at it, the more I knew my brother was right. 
You see, I've been trying to teach myself to create more 'action' in my illustrations, 
trying to keep them from being too 'static'. I was so happy with the action/energy 
I had captured in these downhill-rocketing bunnies and they certainly deserved a 
toboggan that looked like it was enjoying equal share in their crazy winter adventure!

I took one more attempt at the perspective - and this time it worked!
A certain curved line changed it all - made it all come alive on the paper!!

Here is the finished piece:
(watercolour, approx. 8" x 12")

 From my brother's perspective, my piece needed a little added perspective
and when that was accomplished, it changed my perspective!!

Perspective really does add depth to life!!

Listening to another person's perspective gives our own thoughts more depth.
We begin to see things outside of ourselves - we get fresh eyes!
The depth perspective gives life is simply inspiring!!

♥ Cath-

 P.S. Check out my brother's artwork: Here, here, here, and here.
~ Believe me, he's fully qualified to constructively criticize my l'il illustrations! ;)

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