Friday, 28 November 2014

Glad to See You!!

The sun drops below the horizon...
The dark beauty of dusk enhances the twinkling lights around the house...
The snow has stopped falling and now rests as a beautiful blanket o'er everything.

The aroma of savory tidbits waft through the house...
Friends are coming over and soon our home will be filled with the
sparkle of laughter and conversation - friends enjoying time together!

There is something wonderful about planning an evening with friends and family!
The anticipation, the excitement....

That is what fostered the idea for this painting.
I sat down with my sketchbook and asked myself,
"What is your favourite thing during in the winter holidays?"

This was my answer:

    "So Glad to See You!"
(watercolour, approx. 7" x 9")

Hoping you are able to plan time with your loved ones!

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