Friday, 21 November 2014

Dogs With Scarves - Final Paw-rt

Well, here it is...
the final grouping of dogs in my new 
Paws For a Bit "Dogs With Scarves" card series!

These dogs have all made some special impact on me,
that is why I saved them until last!


(Jack Russell Terrier, watercolour)

"Riley M&M Sullivan" was my sister's first Jack Russell, she bought him from a 
woman at Port Dalhousie pier when he was a just a puppy... He was such a cool dog! 
The plaid on his scarf is the same plaid that was on his favourite collar!

(German Shepherd/Coyote mix, watercolour)

Shadow belongs to my friend and her family. He was the first German Shepherd I got to know
and feel comfortable around... He has the most beautiful amber eyes and a coat of many colours - 
every shade of sable, grey, black and tan - mixed through every hair on his body!
Shadow is sporting my friend's favourite plaid, Robertson Red.

(Golden Retriever, watercolour)

We have a favourite teacher at our local school and this design was painted 
with her and her lovely canine companions in mind!  
She has a Golden named Sadie who is all sweetness!! 
The plaid I chose for my Sadie is a nod to the family of the real Sadie,
it is the "Preece of Wales" tartan/plaid (Ancient Colours).

The last dog in my collection was also a member of our favourite teacher's family...

(Bernese Mountain Dog, watercolour)

The real Tilly often visited our school when she was a small-ish fluffy pup... 
I had never seen a Bernese Mountain Dog before and I fell in love her immediately!  
I gave my Tilly a colourful rainbow striped scarf because the real Tilly's days
were full of wagging tails and happiness!!

 God willing, I hope to be posting some more design ideas in the coming days...

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