Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Ode to Winter

My Ode to Winter

Winter's harsh chill has filled the air
The trees their limbs uncovered
A cloak of snow the land does wear
Yet charm can be discovered

The card'nal's bright red flashes by
Squirrels chatter in the distance
The sun shines brightly in the sky
As jays call with persistence.
Sparkling snow, like tiny jewels
Glimmer and shine in the sun
Ponds become like solid glass pools
Soon skating will be such fun

Children build snowmen, big and fat
Cheery smiles carved with much care 
On tippy toes placing the hat
 A carrot adds so much flair

I can admire this season bright
From the comfort of my chair
My windows do not block the sight
But they keep out the cold air!

~ Catharine Fairchild ~ 
(November 26, 2014)

While I was waiting at the school earlier this week, I grabbed the only 
available paper I had, which happened to be an old business card, 
and worked out an idea for an illustration that had come to mind...

When I came home I snatched up my new favourite watercolour block (Aquarelle by Arches),
I then sketched, inked and painted my idea - and I really like how it turned out!!

What do you think?

   "Ode to Winter"
 (watercolour, approx. 9.5" x 3.5")

 Did you see the word being spelled out?

I hope you find reasons to rejoice even in this our harshest of seasons!


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